Small Parade presents...

A Day In the Life

A song for every hour of the day

My submission for the fantastic Summer Mix Series.

  1. Opus 26

    by Dustin O'Halloran

  2. Wet Gold

    by The Octopus Project

  3. The Book I Write

    by Spoon

  4. The Park

    by Sambassadeur

  5. Unattainable

    by Little Joy

  6. Mudpit

    by The Del-Gators

  7. Golden Phone

    by Micachu and the Shapes

  8. Fold Up Like a Piece of Paper

    by ArpLine

  9. Dear Employee

    by Papercuts

  10. The Bells

    by Reigning Sound

  11. Starstruck

    by The Kinks

  12. 4,738 Regrets

    by Trans Am

  13. Upon

    by A.M. Architect

  14. Pulling Our Weight

    by The Radio Dept.

  15. Ted

    by Clark

  16. New Terrain

    by Mew

  17. In Heat

    by HEALTH

  18. Waddlin' Around

    by The King Khan & BBQ Show

  19. Walking Through That Door

    by Future Islands

  20. Um, Circles and Squares

    by Dosh

  21. Dead Man

    by M. Ward

  22. Diamond Heart

    by Marissa Nadler

  23. Sox On Ears

    by Michael Andrews

  24. Citadel Band Play For Me

    by Loney, Dear

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